Tips For Organizing The Garage

Tips For Organizing The Garage

Tips For Organizing The Garage
Tips For Organizing The Garage

Five Quick Tips to Organize Your Garage

1. Make A Plan

Take some time to pick a couple of days or a weekend where you can dedicate time to work on the project. Once you have your dates create an outline. Have an idea and put that plan on paper. Make an outline of what you would like your dream space to look like.

2. Be Honest With Yourself

Sometimes we all hold on to items that no longer serve a purpose for us. Take everything out of the garage. Look at each item. It should become one of three piles. Keep, donate or garbage. Sometimes it helps to have a family member or trusted friend to help categorize these items.

3. Group Like Items Together

Once you have your piles designated focus on the keep pile. Group all like items together. Tools go with tools, sporting gear with sporting gear. Once you have them in big basic categories you can organize into smaller subcategories for example screw drivers with screwdrivers.

4. Climb The Walls

We sometimes forget to use the walls as space. Many items can be hung on hooks, peg boards, or put into an attic or overhead storage bin. It helps to get items up off the floor to give you more room to park, play or work in your garage space.

5. Stop The Clutter from Being a House Guest

Create a space before entering the home where shoes, coats, or boots can be hung and stored in an organized manor. If you create a mudroom so to speak in your garage you will be able to avoid having the kids come in and toss jackets or boots randomly throughout the entry to your home. Everyone will know where all of their items belong because the have a designated space.

We hope this helps you tackle your garage organization. We are on Pinterest with our garage door and operator products. 

You can use Pinterest as a tool to see pictures and ideas for DIY storage and organization tips. Simply search garage organization in the search section.

Good luck! Happy Organizing!

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