Garage Door Service & Repair

Garage Door Service & Repair

Garage Door Service & Repair
Garage Door Service & Repair

Four Signs Your Garage Door Needs To Be Serviced or Repaired

Garage doors have become the new front door. Most people enter and exit their home through the garage door. Sometimes our garage doors are opening and closing several times in a day. Garage doors are the largest moving component on a home, and it is important that it is in proper working condition.


1.The Garage Door is Excessively Loud Older garage doors and openers operate at a higher noise level than more modern models. However, if your door is running at an extra high noise level, excessive shaking, and rolling really rough it most likely needs a service call. This could be signs of several things such as, opener trouble, spring trouble or an issue with the rollers. 

2. Broken Garage Door Spring Garage door springs have and average life span of 10,000 cycles. Garage doors have become the new front door for many home owners and families. You can prolong the life of your spring by using a garage door lubricant and spraying the coils every few months. You can purchase Overhead Door brand lubricant by clicking here. However once the spring breaks it is best to leave the spring change to the professionals.

3. The Garage Door Will Not Open or Close If your garage door will not open or close when using the control buttons there is a problem. First do a visual inspection and make sure nothing is in the way of the garage door. Does the door have a clear path to close? Are the garage door sensors lined up and are the lights a solid color? If the answer to those questions are yes, then the problem may require a garage door technician to service the garage door. Several issues can lead to a garage door malfunctioning one of them being, there could be a bad connection between the garage door and the control panel.

4. The Garage Door Is Off Of The Tracks  In order for a garage door to function properly it must ride along the tracks. If those tracks have been damaged or are in poor condition this will cause the garage door to malfunction. Sometimes you can visually see the signs of the damage to the garage door tracks and it will be easy to spot the repair needed. 

If Your Garage Door is in need of Service or repair you can click here to set up an appointment, and we will contact you.

It is important to leave garage door repairs to professional technicians.  Garage doors can be very dangerous and it is important that people who are working on them are trained, and educated.

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