Spring is the Perfect Time To Schedule Annual Garage Door Service

Spring is the Perfect Time To Schedule Annual Garage Door Service

Garage Door Service

Spring is approaching fast. Spring equals spring cleaning. Items like washing windows, deep cleaning the home and sprucing up the yards always make the to-do list. However, spring is also the perfect time to schedule an annual garage door maintenance service call. The sun is beginning to shine and we will all be heading outdoors. Your garage door is the largest moving component on your home. Many people use their garage door like a front door. People are coming and going through the garage door as the main entry point to the home. Therefore, the garage door, and the garage door opener are being used frequently, and working hard every day. Here are three reasons you should schedule your annual garage door service.

First, because your garage door is the largest moving component on your home you need to ensure it is functioning safely, and with maximum efficiency. Let a garage door expert go through your door and motor giving it a complete service call to ensure your garage door is operating at its best level of performance.

Second, this is a great time to address small minor issues before they become a large expense. Garage doors can last a long time if they are taken care of. It’s important to make sure the garage door spring has the correct amount of tension, the limits are set properly on your garage door opener and all of the nuts, and bolts are in place and secure. A garage door tech will clean and lubricate as well as visually inspect your garage door and motor. Over time as the garage door moves up and down (often multiple times a day) parts can begin to loosen from constant wear and tear. If you catch an issue early you can avoid a costly garage door repair.

Third, a general garage door service is the perfect time to purchase an extra garage door remote, a wireless keypad or an OHDAnywhere. While the technician is at your home servicing and inspecting your garage door and garage door opener they can also program any additional items at that time.

Garage Door Service

Be proactive in your garage door care and maintenance. Click here to schedule an appointment with a trusted Overhead Door Company of Sacramento Inc. garage door technician.

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