OHDAnywhere Garage Door Controller

OHDAnywhere Garage Door Controller

OHDAnywhere Garage Door Controller
 OHDAnywhere Garage Door Controller

The Overhead Door Company has a new product on the market. The OHDAnywhere is the latest and greatest garage door remote control. This garage door remote will allow you to control, and monitor your garage door from anywhere with your smart device. This state of the art technology allows you to instantly see if someone is operating your garage door, or to see if your door has changed positions. The OHDAnywhere keeps an active history of dates and times that the garage door was used.

There are many benefits to having the OHDAnywhere. Convenience is is the ultimate luxury. Your whole family can download the free application, and have access to control the garage door. Your family can now gain access independently into the home. They can open the garage door with their Android or IOS device. You can also open your garage door from a remote location to allow entry for others such as a house cleaner, repair person, pet sitter or delivery personnel.

Peace of mind is also a benefit of this new smart home remote control. How many times have you left home in a huge hurry, and could not remember if you closed your garage door? Now, you can just glance at your phone and see the status of the door. You no longer have to double back by the house to make sure it is secure. With the press of a button your garage door will transition into the desired position.

Security is an added bonus of the OHDAnywhere. If you park your car outside of the garage at night, you no longer have to worry about someone smashing the car window to grab your remote control. Your remote control is with you, in your smart device all of the time. The sensor monitors your actual garage door position. Every time your garage door goes up or down you will be notified of it’s new position. The history time line also makes it easy to see what time people were coming and going from your home.

You can purchase this garage door remote control from our parts counter at 6756 Franklin Blvd in Sacramento, or click the red store tab on our website to purchase it online.  You may have seen this product featured on Good Day Sacramento. The OHDAnywhere garage door remote is compatible with most residential garage door openers. Please feel free to call our office with any questions or concerns. One garage door module can control three garage doors, however one door position sensor is needed per garage door. These are an additional charge. The application is free to download, and it includes step by step programming and instructions.

The Overhead Door Company is excited to be in the market of smart home technology. The OHDAnywhere remote control is an exciting product, and we are proud it is red ribbon approved.

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