Garage Door Service: An Annual Check-Up

Garage Door Service: An Annual Check-Up

Garage Door Service: An Annual Check-Up

Maintenance is common knowledge on things such as swimming pools, automobiles, and yards. We don’t think twice about getting an oil change for the car. We would never expect our car to run for a decade without a service call. Our pools get a weekly or bi-weekly service. We would never demand our pool filters to run for years without being cleaned or emptied. We provide these services to ensure the safety of our loved ones. We want them in a clean safe pool, and in a reliable automobile. However, when is the last time you thought about your garage door in this mindset? We rely on our garage door multiple times a day to open and close on command. We expect it to provide safety, security, and reliability. We trust it to let our children, and loved ones in and out of the house on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. It only makes sense that this very large mechanical moving door would require a yearly service.

Safety is the number one reason why your garage door deserves to be serviced. It would be irresponsible to open and close this door for years with out inspecting the condition. Many times major garage door repairs can be avoided if maintenance is done on a routine basis. This allows the garage door technician an opportunity to catch a problem ahead of time. Your children, family members, pets, and automobiles pass under this large garage door several times a day; and you want to ensure all mechanisms are working well to avoid harm.

Longevity is the life span of your garage door and operator. Just like any object that is well taken care of it’s value and life cycle will last longer. A garage door that has been professionally serviced, and repaired annually has a better chance to reach a mature age rather than a neglected garage door.

Security is provided by every garage door. Garage doors will secure your cars, boats, and bikes from the elements, and the harsh weather. It offers a safe harbor from neighbors, and passersby. It is also the largest entry point to your home, and you need to ensure all of the parts are properly working , and cared for to secure the exterior of your home. If you are not maintaining your garage door there is the potential for an element to not function properly causing an easier entry, or malfunction.

Reliability is knowing your garage door will open, and close for you every time by the simple push of a button. When we are in a hurry, late for school, and rushing the kids to practice we expect our garage door to magically function correctly every time. When our children are getting dropped off, and using the wireless keypad remote we rely on our garage door to open. However, in order for a garage door to maintain reliability it needs to be well cared for.

Curb appeal is important to most homeowners. We invest a great deal of money, time, and energy in to caring for our homes. We take pride in our neighbors throwing out compliments about our humble abodes. However neglected doors can lead to sagging sections, broken hinges, and locks. A deteriorated garage door makes your whole home look less inviting.

We recommend a yearly service on your garage door. Ask yourself when is the last time a professional has inspected your garage door, and operator? A garage door service call completed by an expert is well worth the expense. The benefits to you and your garage door are well worth the price. What are you waiting for? Get your garage door service scheduled today.

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