Garage Doors Setting a Trend For Indoor/Outdoor Living

Garage Doors Setting a Trend For Indoor/Outdoor Living

Modern Aluminum Collection
Modern Aluminum Collection

Garage Doors Are Center Stage When it Comes To Indoor/Outdoor Spaces  

The Modern Aluminum Collection™ by Overhead Door is making a name for itself in the Greater Sacramento area. These garage doors are not only presenting themselves on a traditional garage space but also both on the interior and exterior of homes, businesses, gyms, bars, restaurants and hotels. These doors have a unique and creative design element about them. You can read about product specifics here.

This is one of our favorite garage doors to work with right now. The growing trend of indoor/outdoor design is fun, and functional. It allows one to open up a space to the outdoors. 

We have been installing these doors in homes to open a kitchen or bar area up to a backyard outdoor kitchen or BBQ area. We have installed them on pool houses and game rooms to bring the inside out and vice versa. Homeowners are loving being able to lift the door on a warm spring or summer night to entertain friends and family.

Breweries, gyms, hotels, and restaurants are also diving in on the Modern Aluminum™ by Overhead Door trend as well. On summer nights here in Sacramento many times a whole wall of a business will be lifted up, the garage door is open and an indoor/outdoor space is created. 

If you want to learn more about how you can create a space like this call us at (916)421-3747. You can also see more images of projects like this on our Instagram page.

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