Clues You Have a Broken Spring

Clues You Have a Broken Spring

Broken Spring
Broken Spring

Help! Do I have a Broken Spring?

Will your garage door open? The first clue the spring may be broken is that your door will not open more than five or six inches from the ground. 

Did you hear a terrible loud noise? Often times when the spring snaps the homeowner says they heard an awful noise that scared them. Upon inspection often times that bang was a spring breaking.

Did your garage door come crashing down? If your garage door crashed down with an unusual amount of force and noise then the spring may damaged.

Take a visual inspection of your spring. If you see large gaps, a clear break, or a lot of rust these are all signs your spring may need to be replaced.

It never fails that garage door springs break at the worst possible time. Right before work, attending a school function or just when you are in a hurry. Often times the car is stuck in the garage. People want to get it fixed fast and often think they can do it themselves. Repairing a garage door spring on your own is dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. You can risk serious injury to yourself and your door. We always recommend calling a professional when it comes to changing a spring. It is not worth the risk.

Most families now use their garage door as a front door. The garage is opening and closing several times in a day. It is important to keep your garage door serviced as it is the largest moving component on your home.

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