Where To Start When Purchasing A New Garage Door

Where To Start When Purchasing A New Garage Door

New Garage Door
New Garage Door

Where To Start When Purchasing A New Garage Door

You love your home. You have lived their for two decades. You have raised your kids, and have made a million memories in your house. However, time waits for nothing, and that includes garage doors. Your once shiny garage doors are looking a little less than attractive. The motor is running loud, and rough. You have started to notice that your neighbors are changing out their garage doors, and it is improving the overall look of the home’s exterior. You have decided you are ready to boost your home’s appearance and enhance your garage door. The question looming is, where do you start?

I would recommend starting with us. We are the Overhead Door Company of Sacramento and have been serving you, and your family in this area since 1953. Overhead Door the brand was established in 1921. We are a family owned business, and we pride ourselves on customer care. We have a state of the art showroom with several of the latest models of garage doors available to view. Overhead Door is not just our name it is the brand of garage doors that we sell. We are the only authorized Overhead Door dealer in the nine counties surrounding Sacramento.


We also offer a free in home estimate on new garage doors. Our knowledgeable sales staff will come to your home, measure the door and talk to you about price, and design options. We have a high tech app that allows us to take a photo of your home, and drag and drop different styles to your house so you can view the look you like the most. However, I understand that as a customer you may want more than one opinion, so here are some basic questions you should always ask when speaking to a garage door company.

1. How long have you been in business? Is your company in good standing with the Contractors State License Board?

You can look up any license on the state contractors license website by clicking this link and entering in the company’s license number. http://www.cslb.ca.gov

2. Are your employees qualified garage door technicians? Do they work for you or do you subcontract the labor out?

Here at the Overhead Door Company of Sacramento, our technicians are highly trained. They are full time employees who wear a uniform and drive a company truck. They are all a part of our team, and our “red ribbon” logo will be visable to you.

3. Does the price include installation, removal of the old door, and the haul away and disposal of my old garage door?

When we install a new garage door we will give you one price. That price includes, installation, removal of your exisiting garage door, and haul away of the old garage door.

You will have several models, styles, and design options available to you when shopping for a new garage door. You will have the option to purchase an insulated or a non-insulated garage door. Glass windows will be available in several styles to pick from. If you like the look of hardware accessories those will also be available to you.  You can see all of our garage door styles and read more about them on our website.

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Most garage doors take up at least 30 percent of a home’s exterior. Purchasing a new garage door is a simple way to remodel one third of your exterior, increase value, and enhance the beauty of your home. We look forward to to sharing your garage door buying experience with you. Click here for a free estimate on a new garage door, and to get started on your garage door shopping journey.

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