Premium insulated steel garage doors.

Thermacore® Collection

The highest insulated garage doors offered by Overhead Door™. Enjoy various design options, durability and thermal efficiency.

The Thermacore® Collection steel garage doors feature premium insulation construction and design which provides maximum thermal efficiency and reduced air infiltration for your garage space. This popular line of garage doors gives you many years of reliable operation while providing comfort to your home, even in extreme cold and warm climates.

Thermacore® construction

Provides a continuous layer of foamed-in-place, CFC-free polyurethane insulation sandwiched between two layers of corrosion-resistant steel, for maximum thermal efficiency.

Embossed wood-grain texture

Adds beauty, sophistication and durability.

In-between section thermal seals

With an air infiltration rating of up to 0.08 cfm, seals provide superior resistance to the elements.


Interior-side steel backing, standard on Thermacore® products, provides strength and a finished, clean appearance.

Durable finish

Hot-dipped galvanized steel with two coats of baked-on polyester paint.

Bulb-type bottom weatherseal

Guards against wind and rain while providing a cushion when closing.


The Thermacore door offers premium insulation. This is a versatile garage door. The glass has the ability to run vertically, horizontally or in both directions. This garage door has a variety of style and design options that can compliment any home. This premium insulated garage door provides maximum thermal efficiency and reduced air infiltration for your garage space.

Carbon Oak Plank Thermacore® Garage Door

Captivating New Plank Door Finish with Artisan Wood Grain™ Finishes

When it comes to enhancing the curb appeal of your home, few things make a bigger impact than your garage door. With Overhead Door™ Brand’s new Artisan Wood Grain™ Finishes, you can now achieve the timeless beauty of real wood without compromising on durability. These innovative finishes combine the best of both worlds by offering the stunning look of wood with the strength and insulation of steel. Explore how these plank doors can elevate the style and functionality of your garage

Overhead Door™ Brand has amplified its finish options on the Thermacore® Model 5740 and Windstorm™ Model 5745 by introducing a digitally printed, non-repeating grain that closely mimics the natural appeal of real wood. The intricate patterns and textures give your garage door an authentic wooden plank door look, adding warmth and character to your home’s exterior. Whether you prefer the neutral tones of the Beachwood Plank, the rustic charm of our Cedar Plank, the rich tones of the Medium Oak Plank, or the classic elegance of a Carbon Oak Plank, these finishes will suit any style.



Overhead Door™ brand understands that every home is unique, and our Artisan Wood Grain™ Finishes offer a high degree of customization to match your aesthetic and architectural style. With four grain patterns to choose from and many window placement options, you can personalize your garage door to seamlessly blend with your home. Whether you want a modern, contemporary look or a traditional, timeless appeal, these finishes create a visually stunning focal point.

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