Remotes to Open Your Garage Door

Remotes to Open Your Garage Door

Remotes to Open Your Garage Door
Remotes to Open Your Garage Door

Garage Door Remote Controls

If you are in the market for garage door remote controls we have several solutions. From the traditional wall mount and car control to the latest in smart home technology. 

We have an online store at our website which allows for an easy buying experience. We encourage you to call us if you are unsure of what remote you need and we can try to help you over the phone.

We sell the Overhead Door™ Wireless Keypad Remote as well as a Wireless Universal remote. This device makes it easy to go for a run, take the dog for a walk, or simply leave your home without house keys or a remote control. Entering and exiting your home has never been easier. To learn more click here.

The OHDAnywhere by Overhead Door™ 

The OHDAnywhere allows you to open, close and monitor your garage door through wifi and your smart phone. With this product you will always know if your garage door is opened or closed. You can also give out virtual keys to babysitters, housecleaners, or whoever you would like to be able to gain entry to your home during specific times. Learn more here.

Three Button Remote Controls.

We carry an assortment of traditional garage door remote controls. We also have batteries for these devices. 

We offer a parts counter that is always open during business hours. Any of these items can be bought from our location. 

6756 Franklin Blvd. Sacramento, Ca 95823. (916)421-3747

We welcome you to shop our online store.

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