Part Number: 37229R



When the power is out, the Overhead Door Battery Back-up povides reliable garage door operation even when the power is out.

The battery back-up is an optional accessory that can be included with any Overhead Door Odyssey or Destiny series garage door opener.

Note: This battery-up is compatible with any Series III Overhead Door Odyssey or Destiny series garage door manufactured before October 2012. All Series III Overhead Door Odyssey or Destiny garage door openers will already have a white plug in port located in the front side of the motor.

In order to convert a Series III garage door opener to work with the battery back-up, the circuit board and wall console must be replaced.

If your Overhead Door Odyssey or Destiny is a Series II garage door openers and was manufactured after October 2012 the plug in port located on the front of the motor will be black. Order part #37229R.

The Battery Back-up features:

  • Pregresses from empty to fully charged within 48 hours
  • Front facing colored LED lights to indicate the charge status
  • Up to 50 cycles in a 24 hour period after the power outage
  • Operated the garage door at 3.5 inches per second
  • Several mounting options are available
  • Powered by Interstate Batteries
  • 8 amp hour sealed lead acid battery
  • 3 foot connector cable
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