Overhead Door Garage Door Openers

Overhead Door Garage Door Openers

Overhead Door Garage Door Openers
Overhead Door Garage Door Openers

Overhead Door offers several garage door openers that provide a quiet yet powerful performance. When people think of Overhead Door they often think garage doors. Nonetheless, Overhead Door is also an industry leader in garage door opener sales, and installation. There are many choices of operators on the market today. It can be overwhelming. You can spend hours shopping around stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and Sears trying to figure out what operator suits your garage doors needs. You can browse online, and read hundreds of reviews from both satisfied, and unsatisfied customers. However, if you want a real hands on shopping experience; drive to our showroom. Our professional staff can show you a variety of working operators, and you can hear, see, and feel them for yourself.

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The Legacy 850 offers power, reliability, and convenience while allowing you the choice of a belt or chain drive. This is a durable 1/2 horsepower motor. The DC motor features a soft start and stop combined with a C-channel rail that delivers quiet operation. The railing on this operator is designed for strength, and conceals the rotating belt or chain making for better safety, and aesthetics.

The Odyssey 1200 Screw Drive is a powerful 1HP Power Plus motor. This opener delivers 140V of quiet operation. The Odyssey 1200 features a maximum opening speed of ten inches per second. This two bulb lighting system offers added security, and convenience. The patented Direct Drive screw drive system is powerful, and reliable. The Direct Drive system means there are no additional gears, chains or belts to wear out.

The Destiny 1200 is an incredibly quiet, and durable motor. This opener is availiable in a belt or a chain drive. The DoorDetect monitoring system improves overall safety. This 1HP DC motor can operate almost any garage door. The two bulb lighting system with integrated motion detection provides security, and convenience.

All three of these featured operators are compatible with HomeLink, and Car2U.

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