Modern Aluminum Collection

Modern Aluminum Collection

Modern Aluminum Collection
Modern Aluminum Collection

The Modern Aluminum Collection

The Modern Aluminum Collection doors present contemporary elegance with sleek lines while delivering maximum light infiltration into the garage space. This ultra modern garage door will make your home stand out on the block. With a look and design much different than a traditional garage door, the Modern Aluminum Collection will have your neighbors taking notice.

The Modern Aluminum Collection consists of crisp lines, and sleek design formed from durable corrosion-resistant aluminum, and light filtering glass.  This door comes in two frame options and models. The model 511, and the 521. There are several glass options, and glass alternatives to choose from. This garage door comes standard with a clear anodized finished. However, you can upgrade to a powder coat finish that is available in 188 options to best match your home.

Would you like to do something fun, and creative with your house. Replace a window or a slider with a garage door. This may of course require the design and expertise of a contractor, but we are installing more, and more garage doors for a custom look inside the home. You also see these garage doors often times on commercial properties dividing a room into two spaces, or opening up to bring the outside in. You may have seen these doors at Suzie’s Burgers, Cantina Alley, and The Happy Garden Restaurant in Elk Grove to name a few.

Here, at The Overhead Door Company of Sacramento we have a beautiful showroom. We invite you into our shop any time during our business hours. We also offer a free app called DoorView. This app allow you to snap a photo of your home, and upload it to the application. You can then play with different garage door styles, glass options, and accessories to visualize how an upgraded garage door will enhance the look of your home.

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