Is it time to Call a Professional?

Is it time to Call a Professional?

garage doors
garage doors

Your garage door is most likely the largest moving component on your home. Most people operate their garage door multiple times in a day. Many garage doors are used as a front door and it is the main point of entry and exit for people living in the home. We recommend that your garage door should receive an annual service appointment. Annual garage door service will help minimize unnecessary expenses, and ensure your garage door maintains proper working condition and longevity.

Here are simple tips to help you inspect your garage door in between appointments, and to help you recognize if there is a bigger issue that requires a professional.

Watch and observe your garage door in motion. Listen to how it sounds. If you are hearing loud rattling, scraping or grinding it could indicate a worn out part, that something is damaged or that the garage door needs general service and lubrication. Make sure it moves up and down the track with no issues.

Clean and inspect the tracks. The garage door has tracks located on both sides of the garage door. They are installed along the wall. They should be standing straight. You can wipe them down to remove dirt, dust and debris from the track. If upon visual inspection you see a bent, or damaged track and the door can’t properly travel it may be time to call the professionals.

Inspect the rollers. The rollers attach to the garage door track. They help move the door up and down. Over time with wear and tear the rollers can wear out and will need to be replaced. Complete a visual inspection every couple of months to make sure your rollers are not cracked, chipped, or damaged. If multiple rollers are damaged it’s time to replace those rollers.

Lubricate your garage door springs and hinges. Please make sure you are using a proper garage door lubricant.  Here is a link to our lubricant. You can purchase it online or from our store.

If you see repairs or issues that need to be addressed call a professional to set up a service appointment. If you choose to use us you can schedule a general service call through our website at  or call us at (916)421-3747 an we would be happy to assist you.

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