Industrial Garage Door Art

Industrial Garage Door Art

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Industrial Garage Door Art

Industrial Garage Door Art Made from Garage Door Springs

We open, and close our garage doors daily without giving much thought to how or why our doors open and close so easily.  The garage door spring is the backbone of the door’s functionality.  However, we don’t think of a spring as much more than a garage door part.  Artists today are working outside of the canvas. Pens, paints, and clay are not the only way to design an amazing work of art.  Our garage door technician Ralph, designed an amazing spring sculpture using only garage door parts.  “Ralphie” or “Spring Man” as we like to call him has become our company mascot, and travels with us to home shows and vendor fairs.

Meet The Artist

Ralph Jacobsen has been working in the garage door industry for over 4 decades, and most of that time was spent with us here at the Overhead Door Company of Sacramento. We like to refer to him as “The Godfather of Garage Doors”.  Ralph has worked in residential, commercial, service, and has trained numerous technicians on our team. Ralph is a huge asset to our company.  He is very mechanically inclined, and is able to fix, and engineer almost anything.  

The Spring Man Was Born  

The spring man was born out of a home show we entered. The show was called a “Mini Maker Faire”.  We though it would be fun to have a mascot at our booth that was a piece of industrial art. Ralph blew our minds with the creation of “Ralphie”.  He is made up of several different types, of garage door springs. The welding, and creativity is unbelievable.  We are extremely proud of our new mascot. You can see him everyday standing proudly in our showroom wearing an Overhead Door Company of Sacramento shirt and hard hat.  He is an attention catcher, and people love to talk about how he was created. Industrial art has really grown over the years, and we are honored to have this master piece, and his maker on our team. 

Great job Ralph Jacobsen! We love our “Spring Man”.

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