Help! My Garage Door Remote Isn’t Working!

Help! My Garage Door Remote Isn’t Working!

Garage Door Remote Controls
Garage Door Remote Controls

Garage Door Remote Controls

Help! My garage door remote control is not working. What do I do? This is a common phone call or customer inquiry we encounter several times a day. That small device known as the garage door remote control or clicker is something we rely on multiple times a day. Nothing is more frustrating then pulling  into your driveway, and clicking your remote only to find the signal is not being transmitted to your garage door. Your garage door is not responding, and we can help.

The most common problem is that the battery inside of your remote is dead.  It’s important to replace the battery with the correct battery replacement. Many batteries look similar, however you need an exact match to ensure the remote will work. It’s also extremely important that the new battery is fully charged. If you take a battery out of another device sometimes the condition is too weak to activate a strong signal. So always use a new, fully charged battery.

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Garage door remotes, often referred to as garage door clickers can also fail due to physical damage. If the remote endured water damage, or was dropped or stepped on it may need to be replaced. Once a remote encounters physical damage it needs to be replaced.

Programming problems are another cause for remote control failure. Many times a homeowner is adding a new device to the garage door system and it inadvertently will unprogram your original device. Maybe you are adding a car visor remote, or an OHDAnywhere to add to your garage door system.  On a rare occasion sometimes a device simply drops from the receivers memory. In that case the homeowner can follow the steps in their manual to reset the unit, or call us and we can try to help walk you through the steps.

The third most common issue is that the receiver may not be working properly. There is a circuit board mounted to the garage door motor portion that may need to be serviced. This is often caused from power surges. It is best to leave that service to an experienced garage door technician.  We are happy to provide garage door service. You can click the link below to submit a request to schedule a service call to your home.

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If you are in a situation where your garage door remote is not working properly we are here to help. You can reach us by phone or though email. You can shop our products at our online garage door parts store, or we invite you to stop by our parts counter in our office. We are located at 6756 Franklin Blvd, and we have a very knowledgeable staff who will be here to assist you.  We carry a wide array of garage door remote control brands. We can help you with Overhead Door, Genie, Liftmaster, and a line of Universal remote controls. We also have some alternative garage door remotes such as a wireless keypad remote, and the OHDAnywhere. 

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